Scholarships For Foster Kids

Growing up there was always an emphasize on school. I wasn’t allowed to get anything less than a B- or I was grounded from something or couldn’t play sports. As abuse started during my late middle school years and into my high school years, school became more of a get away. I started worrying more about hanging out with the friends I couldn’t otherwise see. After we moved into foster care my junior year I started to worry more about my grades. I hadn’t done well in my early years so I figured college scholarships weren’t really something that I would receive. With some motivational help from my home parents I did get better grades and got a 26 on my ACT. Even with an ACT score of 26 I never really thought too much about college, I was just happy I made it through high school.

As graduation approached I planned on enjoying my summer and maybe trying to go to community college. All I knew was that I was a foster kid going out into the world on my own so I didn’t even know if it was possible to me to afford going to school. Graduation day came and as kids were being called up for scholarships they received my name was called to my surprise. Between my better grades and my ACT score I had received a Deans scholarship to a private college. I was so unsure about things I had a sit down with my case worker and a  couple people close to me. I hadn’t thought about going to a 4 year college and didn’t know much about college at all. It was June and I hadn’t done any paperwork, applied for any scholarships and just was all around not prepared.

As foster kids we have a whole lot on our minds when aging out. I wish I would have known more about college and what to do. I had no idea that as a foster kid there are so many resources I had available to me to help me through this time. On top of the FASFA form there are several scholarships out there just for foster kids. As a foster kid or foster parent make sure to discuss all the resources available to you with your case worker and school counselor. My first year was completely paid for from my tuition to my books and school supplies. Make sure you start early on applying for scholarships and watch the deadline date. There is a good list of scholarships for foster kids at Foster Club and United Friends of Children.

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4 Responses to Scholarships For Foster Kids

  1. Anonymous says:

    being a foster kid is no fun when no one loves you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    btw my name is adgriana.

  3. Imafoster says:

    Thanks for stopping by Adgriana. I think that being a foster kid is no fun no matter what the situation. I hope that you don’t really feel that nobody loves you and I’m sorry if you feel that way. I can relate because I’ve felt that way at times, like no one cares. I can tell you though, especially since I’ve interacted with people working on my site I’ve realized that a lot of people do care without even knowing who we are. Try to keep your head up and stay positive. There are some good people left in this world. Even if you don’t know it I can bet your are loved by more than you know!

  4. Rae says:

    Can possibly you could still get scholarships if you were formerly in Foster Care? I am 16, was in care at 13 but didn’t get out until I was 15. I live in Arkansas with a legal guardian(not foster parent) if it helps any.

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