Famous Fostered Characters

I’ve gotten a lot of feed back from my post about famous former fosters. It’s nice to know your not alone out there and people have gone through similar things and have made it through. Some kids don’t know those people are though. I thought it would be nice to find a few characters that have been fostered that might be more familiar to children.

Orphan Annie character inspired from a 1885 poem “Little Orpahan Annie” and debuted in 1924 in the new york daily news as a comic strip. It was very successful and has been made into films, plays and on radio. Annie is an 11 year old orphan. Shes known for her curly red hair and red dress. Many know the story from the movies that have been remade the original. Annie is in a orphanage ran by a cruel woman and eventually gets adopted by a very wealthy man gives her a new life.

Dorthy is from the book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. She is fostered by her “aunt” and “uncle” in Kansas. Its not really known if they were blood related or that they were more foster parents and it doesn’t say much about her parents.¬† Though there are many stories in the OZ series, she’s mainly known for getting swept away by a tornado to the land of oz. She then meets some crazy characters on her quest to find her way home.

Tom Sawyer is a character from the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” written in 1876 and also in 3 other books. Tom was fostered by his aunt. He also lived with his half brother and cousin. The book doesn’t say much about his parents. After he and a friend witness a murder of a young doctor they run away and swear not to tell. Tom then goes on wild adventures from becoming a pirate to getting lost in a cave with the horrible Injun Joe.

Superman first appeared in a comic in 1938. His story has been made into several books, movies and many other forms. Superman was born on another planet and sent to earth as an infant before the planet was destroyed. He was found by a farming couple and fostered by them as he grew up. He was given the name Clark Kent.

When Harry Potter was a baby his parents were killed by the evil wizard  Voldermort. Harry somehow escapes and is fostered by his relatives. They never told him the true story of what happened to his parents or about who he truly is. His relatives are not the nicest people in the world and for the most part he is locked away. That is until he gets a letter about going to a school for wizards.

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    Your more that welcome to and I would appreciate it. Thanks for visiting and sharing your feedback!

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