Foster Care Placements

Many times when people think of foster homes we think of only a certain type of placement. Those who don’t have experience with the foster care system often leave it to their experiences from movies or stereotypes to form in their mind what its like to be in foster care. Not all kids that are in foster care are in the same type of placements. According to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System there were 400,540 kids in the foster care system as of September 2011. They break foster care placements down into categories and give the percentage in each type of placement:

Foster Family Home- This is foster care that is provided in a more “normal” family setting. An example of this would be a husband and wife deciding to take a foster child into their home.

      • 47% (188,222 kids) were living in a non relative foster family home.
      • 27% (107,995 kids) were living in a home of a relative.

Institution- This is a type of placement that often has shift care provided by adults who are unrelated to each other or the children in the residence.

      • 9% (34,656 kids) were lived in some sort of institute.

Group Home- This is a type of foster home where care is provided in a small group setting. This is a single residence that cares for a small group of kids at one time.

      • 6% (23,624 kids) were living in a group home.

Trial Home Visit- When parents or children are complying and it is thought they are ready to go live back home with their parents they are on a trail home visit.

      • 5% (20,568 kids) were on a trial home visit.

Pre Adoptive Home- When a child has moved in with an adult or adults that plans on adopting the child it’s referred to as a pre adoptive home.

      • 4% (14,213 kids) were in a pre adoptive placement.

Supervised Independent Living- This is often times a setting where young adults live among each other in a sort of community supervised by adults. This is for those transitioning out of foster care into life on their own.

      • 1%(3,868 kids) were living in a supervised independent living placement.

If you add up the percentages you’ll have a total of 99% of foster kids and their placements. Where are the other 1% or 5,870 kids? Sadly they are listed on the report as runaways.

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