How To Get Your Kids Out Of Foster Care

It’s amazing to me how easy it is to get your kids back after abusing them. In almost every case where a child is taken out of the parent’s home and placed into foster care, the main case goal is reunification. Contrary to popular belief, the state doesn’t actually want to take kids away from their parents. So, when Social Services makes the decision to place children in foster care, they work diligently to get them back into the parent’s custody. This means it’s actually fairly easy to get your children back from foster care…as long as you do what is told to you! The problem is, some parents are not accountable for what’s taken place and won’t accept the responsibility. Getting your kids back from foster care can be as easy as… not feeding them chocolate cereal.

chocolate cereal

You may be wondering “What does chocolate cereal have to do with getting my kids out of foster care?” Well, it doesn’t specifically pertain to you, but it’s an analogy that was given to me by a therapist while in foster care. This helped me to understand the situation with my parents and why we weren’t ever making that trip back home (much to my relief). Let’s just say the reason the child was removed from your care is that you feed your child chocolate cereal. Then, one-day DFS comes in and takes your child away because they say “Chocolate cereal is bad for kids!” Now, you and I both know, that while chocolate cereal may not be the healthiest choice, it isn’t going to hurt them. If you allow it, they should be able to eat it, right? The answer is “no”. As a parent, are you really going to argue your point, just to say that “chocolate cereal is not bad” and you did nothing wrong, while your child is sitting in foster care? Again, the answer is “no!” As a parent, you would apologize and promise to never feed your child chocolate cereal again, so you could get them back. It’s not about if your right or wrong at this point, it’s about getting your child back at home with you. Or, at least, it should be.

Some parents just can’t admit they were wrong. Don’t be one of those parents. As with many real-life issues, you must admit that you have a problem before you can fix it. Why? If you don’t think it was a problem, are you going to make sure that it never happens again? Many people who get caught in something don’t come to the realization they are wrong, only to repeat the behavior, while they are learning from getting caught, on how to hide it better the next time. I think that’s something logical we can all agree upon. However, this mindset can be deadly in regards to child abuse. Also, why would Social Services place a child back into a situation where it may happen again? The answer is “they won’t!”. They will not put aside a child’s well-being just to give a parent a second chance without them proving that it won’t happen again.

I’ve also seen those parents who are upset because they “don’t like DFS disagreeing, not accepting their lifestyle, or who may be in their lives”. Too many parents chose drugs or partners over their children. That’s a fact. So, if Social Services doesn’t like your new boyfriend, are you really going to argue that he’s not who DFS thinks he is? Even with his criminal records or bad behavior? Or, are you going to do what it takes to get your child back? You think it would be an easy answer and trust me it is, but parents don’t always choose what’s best for their child. Obviously, this doesn’t go for every parent with children in foster care, but let’s be honest, they make up the majority. So, how do you get your kids out of foster care? It easy! Accept your wrongs, make improvements and put your kids before you!

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5 Responses to How To Get Your Kids Out Of Foster Care

  1. Bryana Thomas says:

    My babies are in foster care temporarily I am fighting to get them back home out case worker is helping my mental health was really bad that’s why they were taking from me.

  2. Tanya says:

    I wanted to know what i can do to get my kids back.3years ago i got sick and Let my kids stay with there dad and he abused them now i am being blamed for what he did.the child protection works say i dont know much and dont know how to be a mom.this is a lie.i have a two year old son that the cook country Chicago Illnoise court may give my son to my ex ex boyfriend is violent and angery all the time and abused kids and has lots of mental problems.i dont understand how they can fail my son.what can i do to get my kids back?

  3. My child been taken under police custody into care while I was mistaken for a criminal ,a fabricated false accusation was created by the Social services with wrong names wrong dates ,to put my child into foster ,before I could say bah ,what can one do ,I try everything and run against walls it seem like a tied net of Authority misusing there position and stealing children , this need to be addressed ,

    all lies and even home ed was against me , that she speaks with an accent because we are foreign was against me ,I was discriminated by a child psychiatrist Dr De Jong who never really spoken to us only took the lies on and added more that is bad ,my family is abroad and according to the crazy psychiatrist is withholding her family , how bizarre I thought ORMOND STREET is good , now I have my doubts how many children are become subject to misconduct , the government should do something all this is supported by a dodgy judge please read link which will open your eyes what is going on misuse of vulnerable to steal children ,

  4. Megan says:

    My kids are in foster care because of a abusive relationship. I am no longer sith there father. But there trying to put my mids up for adoption. My 1st child was dropped on her head a day after she came home from the hospital because of her dad. I have the dad and his mom trying to frame me as a unfit parent with the workers because the dad doesn’t want responsibility. I am on the verge of losing my kids and he wont let me move on with my life. This has been a on and if relationship scene i was 15. Can i please have advice?

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