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I'm a former foster kid that aged out on my own. I'm a father and also did kinship care for my 2 brothers. I now use my experiences to help raise awareness for those affected by the foster care system.

How To Get Your Kids Out Of Foster Care

It's amazing to me how easy it is to get your kids back after abusing them. In almost every case where a child is taken out of the parent’s home and placed into foster care, the main case goal is reunification. Contrary to popular belief, the state doesn't actually want to take kids away

5 Things I Learned About Fostering Teenagers

At the age of writing this, 28 years old, many people tend to think that I wouldn’t have an insight on fostering teenagers. For me, I never thought I would even have any insight on raising children- let alone teenagers! However, when it comes to life, as you know, things never go as planned. At

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Teaching Healthy Dating

Being a teen in foster care is tough for a truckload of reasons. For starters, you're living in a place away from your family, who you may weirdly want to go back to, even though they may have hurt you. You're also in that transition period from child to adult, trying to figure out yourself

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