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Becoming A Foster Parent Part 2

Haven’t read Part 1?

 When we first found out that we were going to go through the process to become foster parents there where many questions running through our minds. One of those questions was the home inspection portion of the process. When I aged out of foster care I had to have my house that I moved into inspected since I was still in state custody however that was just to make sure it was livable. I had lived in a foster home but it was more of a group home setting so that requires more modifications. We wondered, what would we need to change about our home so we could be foster parents?

During the process of becoming foster parents we went through a physical standards checklist of our home. Basically this is a checklist of all the requirements our home had to have to pass the licensing inspection. All these things didn’t have to be in place immediately, but before the final visit. The list we went through had 21 specifications for indoor and 6 outdoor requirements. Thought that may sound like a lot there were many requirements that were a given already, like making sure utilities were working, the house isn’t infested, and home is maintained. Our home is newer so the only modifications we really had to make were installing carbon monoxide detectors and purchasing a 5lb extinguisher. We also had to come up with both a fire escape and disaster plan in case of emergency. You want to go over them with your kids to make sure that they know what they are supposed to do in each different disaster. You will be required to do a certain number of drills a year.

Here is a list of all the specifications for the Foster Home Licensing Physical Standards form from our foster care agency. I encourage you to take a look at the list and see how many things you would have to change or add to your home to pass inspection to become foster parents. Though each foster care agency’s requirements may be a little different, I think you will be surprised on how much you do not have to alter your home or lifestyle.

There are many random questions that your going to think of so be sure to make a list for your home licenser as we had a few ourselves. We were concerned with our dogs and how they would be considered. We have a Chihuahua and a Stafford Shire terrier, basically a mini pit-bull. The dogs were never and issue and we were just told that they would have to be up to date on shots.  I’m sure it would have been an issue if they acted aggressive but they are both friendly. Another major question was regarding firearms. I own firearms and since we live out in the country I feel that I need to have some sort of protection in case of an emergency. Our licenser had no problems with firearms as long as they were behind 2 locks. For example guns in a safe would need a gun lock, or if in a safe with no gun lock there would need to be a locked door to get to the safe.

Besides a couple of modifications the foster care home licensing portion was a breeze. A lot of things required were ways that we lived anyway. If you have questions or concerns don’t let it hold you back. With some double checking and some slight modifications you can get your home ready to become a foster parent.

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