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Types Of Child Abuse

Child abuse exists all across the world. It affects all ethnic, racial and economic groups. Depending on where your live, cultural ways, or religious beliefs abuse may mean something different to different people. People may think that child abuse only comes from “bad” people, but sometimes it may be a lack of knowledge or parenting skills. Child abuse doesn’t have to be action and can also be do to the lack of action as well.

While not the only reason, child abuse is one of the main causes children go into foster care. There are four main types of child abuse: emotional, physical, neglect, and sexual.

  • Emotional/ Psychological abuse This can be extreme words or punishment leading to emotional damage. This is the hands of type of abuse. It’s often difficult to detect because it doesn’t leave physical marks, but the damage is just as real. This type of child abuse can include things like rejecting the child, isolating them or verbally assaulting them. To me, this is the worst type of abuse of all. The bruises and cuts would heal but, the effects of emotional abuse very long time.
  • Physical abuse This involves physical harm or injury, the more hands on approach. Physical child abuse can involve hitting, shaking, intentional exposure to elements, or things like letting a child be around dangerous animals. Since adults are so much bigger than children, and often enraged, physical child abuse can be very dangerous. Not all physical abuse may be intentional though. An example of this would be over punishment and can include physical punishment that is not right for the child’s age or physical condition. Some forms of punishment such as spanking is controversial.
  • Neglect- This abuse can be in the forms of physical, emotional, or even educational. Neglect is just that, neglecting the needs of a child. This can be not providing need food, shelter, clothing medical care or proper education. It can also be lack of supervision of the child. Neglect is a type of child abuse that can be very dangerous and in cases of food, water and shelter could lead to the death of a child.
  • Sexual abuse  Typically if a child is sexually violated by someone who had a relationship with a child it is called sexual abuse whereas if by a stranger is considered sexual assault. Sexual abuse towards a child can be anything that is giving the violator sexual stimulation. This can is looking, touching, and forced acts in a sexual way. Sexual child abuse is very traumatic experience that often affects many relationship aspects, among other things, later in life.

Many people believe child abuse doesn’t happen in good families. There are many cases where child abuse has gone on for years and no one from outside the immediate family knows. My brother’s and I went through abuse for years and was made to believe that it was normal or acceptable. My parents owned businesses, were respected in the community, and  no one would have expected them to abuse their children. If you do know of a case of child abuse or think abuse is going on inside a home, make sure to contact the National U.S./Canada Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD.

Why Are Foster Kids In The System?

 A lot of people don’t know what to think about foster kids. There is sort of stigma that comes along with being a foster kid and many think you being in foster care has to do with something you did. The truth is a child can be placed into foster care for several reasons. Even if a child is placed in foster care because of something they have done, I believe that there is almost always an underlying issue in their home life that can leave you to a reason why. Children just don’t act out for any reason. There has to be a cause for this behavior somewhere in the child’s past. Just to clear up many misconceptions, here are some reasons that children are placed in foster care.

  • Physical abuse- Sometime parents don’t know how to discipline their children. The state will step in and try to help, but if there is no improvement or it’s obvious abuse, the children will be placed into foster care.
  • Sexual abuse- Sexual abuse can fall under many different categories touching or not. One of the worst acts is taking the innocence of a child.
  • Mental abuse- Even though there is no physical action, mental abuse can leave lasting affects on a child that’s developing. Mental abuse is often accompanied by physical and sexual abuse.
  • Neglect- Neglect can  can range from not providing physical, emotional needs or medical neglect, where a parent doesn’t provide the child with proper medical attention for their situation.
  • Parent gets incarcerated If a parent gets incarcerated and the child has no family to live with, they will place the child into foster care as a last resort.
  • Death of parents- If there is no one for the child to live with in the event of a death of the primary caretaker. The state will have to step in and place children into foster care.
  • Juvenile offender or runaways- A child may be ordered by the court to be placed into foster care for getting into trouble with the law repeatedly and not following court orders.
  • Voluntarily placed- Sometimes parents don’t feel like they can control their kid’s bad behavior. Other times it’s due to a parent’s illness or lack of capability to care for the child. Parents can privately place their children into foster care if they feel they can not provide properly.
  • Truancy- Skipping school and constant truancy could lead to a child being placed in foster care. Though not common, if a child refuses to go to school the state can intervene.
  It’s important to know that foster children come from many different backgrounds and are in foster care for different reasons. Not every case can be treated the same nor are all foster kids the same.
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