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Some Foster Kids That Have Gone On To Become Famous

Foster kids often face many tough situations in both their childhood and as an adult. Even though the statistics aren’t good, it is still possible for foster kids to succeed. Many foster kids have gone on to be successful adults and live to do great things. Some have even become famous, even considered one of the best in the career they chose. Even though being a foster kid is extremely hard, it’s important to know that it isn’t something that has to hold you back. Here are some famous former foster kids that have gone on to do big things.

Babe Ruth

George “Babe” Ruth was placed into foster care at the age of 7. As a kid he found baseball as a positive outlet. Started being looked at by major league teams in his teens and as we all know became pretty good. He went from being a foster kid to becoming one of the greatest and most famous baseball players of all time.


At the age of two Cher was placed in foster care when her mother became too ill to take care of her. Cher was able to return home, but her grandparents were a major part of her upbringing while her mother was struggling. She married Sonny at 18 and they started making hit songs in the 60’s. In 1999, Cher recorded a number one album making her the oldest female to hit the number 1 spot.

Alonzo Mourning

Alonzo Mourning was placed in the foster home of a family friend after a fallout with his parents after their divorce. “Zo” was 12 when he went to his new home and was already 6 foot tall. Mourning practiced non stop after he found the sport of basketball. He excelled in college and went on to win an NBA championship with the Miami Heat.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born in a time when mothers that had babies out of wedlock were looked down upon. He was soon adopted by a couple after his birth. Steve was very bright, but got into a lot of trouble, even getting expelled from school. Jobs was so smart though, he was able to skip a couple of grades. As a kid, he started to become very interested in electronics. Later he began assembling computers in his garage and was soon was changing the computer world. He was the co-founder and former CEO of Apple Computer. Steve Jobs went from foster kids to leading the company that created the iPhone.

John Lennon

John Lennon was a foster child that grew up to help form one of the greatest rock groups of all time “The Beatles”. They are the only group in history to have twenty songs to reach number one. John had a rough childhood and was placed with other family by the state. Music became a large part of his life as a teen. He was also a good artist but wasn’t too good with school. He formed a band and by 1962 was in the Beatles.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was placed in an orphanage after her mother was declared legally insane. She spent two years in the orphanage and the next four with a family friend. Marilyn had a tough childhood and struggled with not knowing her father. Marilyn Monroe lived to become one of the most famous movie stars of all time. To this day she is still beloved for her beauty and is idolized by many stars and fans.

Willie Nelson

At the age of five Willie Nelson and his sister were left with his grandparents by his mother. His dad was always away on work and his mother couldn’t afford to take care of the kids. His grandparents taught them work ethic and treated them with the love they needed. Willie learned music from them as well. He had a short stint in the Air Force and continued to work on his music. In 1961 he landed a recording contract. Willie’s fan base grew and he has made many albums, done several tours and has also appeared in many movies and TV shows. He’s gone from foster kid to music icon.

Dave Peltzer

Dave Pelzer lived a rough life as a child. You might have read about it in the book “A Child Called It”. As a child, Dave was considered a “slave” by his mother. She would play cruel games that nearly left him dead. At age 12 the school notified DFS. He went through several foster homes and continued to have trouble with the effects of his childhood. After leaving foster care he joined the military where he excelled. He has received many awards throughout his life and was even nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his first book.

Malcom X

Malcolm Little was born in a time of severe racism. His father was an activist and died a brutal death when Malcolm and his siblings were young. After her husband’s death, his mother had a nervous breakdown and was committed, sending the kids to different foster homes. Malcolm was a smart kid, at the top of his middle school class, but then dropped out due to racism. He was later arrested for several crimes and converted to Islam while serving his time. Malcolm now going by  Malcolm X became a minister to spread the word. During his journey, he found comfort with other races through religion and started to preach the coming together of blacks and whites. Sadly he was gunned down by members of a group that opposed his ideas.

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